Royal Colombo Golf Club

Dear Member,

In order to serve the membership better and faster, with effect from today, you can check your statements and settle your dues online.

You can use below “Member Online Statement & Payment” link to log to this service.  Web page is with two icons from that please select the “Online statement and payment” icon to use the feature.

Please follow below instructions to use the new system.

  1. Click “Member Online Statement & Payment” Button.  
  2. Enter user name & password
    1. Use Name – Member ID (Use Capital letters). E.g. NRA001
    2. Password – Member ID + Date of Birth (Use Capital letters+ddmmyyyy) E.g. NRA00130011960
  3. System will prompt you to change the password on your first login.
  4. Once you reset the password form next login onwards you have to use the new password.
  5. When you log to the system you will able to check your statement & settle your dues on same time.
  6. Clicking the “View Statement” you can check your statement  according to your preferred date range
  7. Clicking the “Make a Payment” you can settle dues.
  8. Clicking the “Change Password” you can change your password when necessary..


Note –

  • We strongly recommend you to change your password at least on every 90 days as per standard security methods.
  • Please refer to attached user manual for further review with screen layouts if you wish to follow the steps.